12 Things to Buy to Survive Your First Trimester

Let’s talk about the worst three months of my life and how I managed to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My first trimester was filled with emotions of happiness mixed with absolute hell. One moment you’re so excited you have a human growing inside of you and the next you’re hugging porcelain for hours on end.

Whether you're beaten down with nausea, actual vomiting, headaches or flabbergasted at just how fast your nipples can grow, you will survive… And just like your mom and best friends keep telling you, the second trimester will come and you will feel like superwoman again.

So, for anyone out there who is suffering like I was this article is dedicated to you.

1. A Water Bottle And Endless Supply Of Ice

One of the only things that helped me get through the day, especially the work day was having a water bottle on hand filled with ice cold water. Wherever I went, whether it was the office or home I made sure I had my water bottle (aka my lifeline) with me. I found when nausea came (as it did everyday) constantly sipping ice water really helped me feel better.

2. Sleep Next To Toast, Crackers Or Pretzels

Carbs and I have a weird relationship so when endless women were telling me to keep crackers by me to eat before I lifted my head off the pillow in the morning I didn’t listen. I was an idiot. One way to make the morning sickness ease up is to get that cracker or toast into your belly before you rise. I didn’t learn this until week 9 for fear I would gain extra weight. As I said, I’m an idiot.

3. Buy A Copy Of Expecting Better

When you find out you’re pregnant there are endless lists and opinions of dos and don’ts. My husband, being a doctor, is all about the facts or studies behind things and bought us Expecting Better, Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong - and What You Really Need to Know. The author who was a mamma-to-be researched all the data behind drinking coffee, alcohol, lunch meat, and the types of birth. She lays it all out in this book so you have the right knowledge to make the right choice for your lifestyle. If you drink lots of coffee and are worried - you need this.

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4. Put Mouthwash At Your Desk, In Your Purse, In The Kitchen, And Of Course In Your Bathroom

I was puker. Ask my husband or any of the 50 people at my office all I did for my first trimester was puke. From the second I woke up to well into the middle of the night I puked (and yes the point above did help - I was an extreme case). The thing that is, even more, worse than puking is having the after-vomit flavor in your mouth. My recommendation is to keep mouthwash on you at all times because the only thing that will make you puke again is tasting old puke.

5. Suck On Sour And Ginger Candy

When your only way form of transportation to anywhere in NYC is the subway you will get motion sickness and you will get sick. I found sucking on sour and ginger candies really helped me move. The flavor did take a bit of nausea away!

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6. Carry A Plastic Bag Everywhere

I vomited on the subway or on sidewalks so many times I can’t even count anymore. I always had a plastic bag on me so at least I had somewhere to aim that wouldn’t get all over the world.

7. Mint Or Chamomile Tea With Lemon

I’m not a big tea drinker during the day but when I managed to make it home from work semi-alive I’d have a huge cup of mint or chamomile tea with lemon to calm my stomach down. I’d even put fresh mint leaves in my water bottle!

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8. Tell People You're Pregnant (If It Works For You)

If you’re getting really sick like I was it is okay to tell your work besties or your boss you’re pregnant. I know I was scared, but the last thing you need when you’re sick as a dog is to be stressed out keeping a secret. If it eases your nerves to just know someone has your back and understands why you live in the bathroom or are running out of meetings its best to tell someone you trust. If you’re private just ask them to keep it to themselves.

9. Download A Pregnancy App

I felt really alone in my first trimester since I don’t live close to my family and none of my friends are having kids either. It made me feel a million times better to read on messages boards how sick every other pregnant woman was and what they were doing to ease it.

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10. Buy Every Kind Of Legging Out There

When I was able to keep food down it was either a quesadilla or pizza and that mixed with the new hormones in your body bring on bloating like no other. I felt swollen and so bloated none of my pants fit. I lived in faux leather leggings with cute tops because it was the only thing I felt I could breathe in. If you’re in the very beginning of your pregnancy I really urge you to buy stretchy pants.

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11. Sore And Non-Stop Growing Nipples (You Need Shea Butter)

I had no idea my nipples would turn into slices of salami overnight and feel like someone was poking them from the inside out. I wear padded bras in general because my boobs have never surpassed a size A and when they would get sore it was like they could poke through the padding and guess what they also chaff. Thank g-d a good friend made me a mixture of 100% Shea butter with coconut oil because it soothed these cow utter nipples of mine. You can find Shea butter products at just about any store!

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12. Prescription Meds

If you're completely out of it and all of the pizza and chicken soup in the world won't make you better, ask you doctor for medicine. My husband prescribed me Diclegis after a friend of mine said it did wonders for her. The positive it did make me feel better but the negative was I was super drowsy and then had nightmares which is a symptom. However, I know people who had zero side effects. Another route is to take B6 1-2 times daily per your docs recommendations.


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