8 Things I Learned This Year

Whether I’m going through the rituals for the Jewish New Year or popping champagne for the gentile one - I always try to do a little reflecting. So here’s a list of everything I learned in 5778.

  1. Patience is a virtue, that I do not possess, but that I must continue to work towards. My new practice of practicing patience is to just take a damn deep breathe in. I need everything instantly and that is just not reality. My goal for this year is to learn to let others be and when things are meant to happen they will.

  2. Wrinkles and gray hair are coming no matter how much you spend on creams and dye. I got my first shots of botox a few months ago and have probably spent thousands on anti-aging creams, regardless it is time for me to except we live in a photoshopped world and the most important thing I can do is to stay real.

  3. The honeymoon phase of your marriage will end and it is normal. It used to be some aspects of our marriage were just a fairytale and this year reality set in. It doesn’t mean I love Dr. Bae less, it only means we have to put more effort here and there. Between chaotic schedules and just being hands down exhausted finding time to just be with each other is extremely important.

  4. No matter how much money you make - you must think about your future. As we hope to expand our family soon a lot of things begin to come to mind like life insurance, retirement and savings for buying a house one day. I never in my life have had a retirement account because I was always like I’m only 23 and then it was I’m only 25, and then it was I’m only 26 and then it was, girl you have no savings. So, no matter if you can put ten dollars away or $10,000 away you need to save something. You never know what the future holds.

  5. Speaking of future, your future lies with you and no one else. If you’ve got big goals it’s time to get off your ass and achieve them or at least starting accomplishing the smaller goals to help you meet the bigger ones. I took a leap of faith and get a new job this past year. I was nervous as hell, but everyday when I wake up and go into work I’m so thankful I pushed myself.

  6. Communication really is key. This is simple, stop using your fingers to do the talking and dial a phone number. Words are our most powerful asset and can help grow beautiful relationships and bring each other closer.

  7. Everyone needs a hobby. Y'all know I am obsessed with my plants. Hobbies can be great tools to help us learn new skills or tools to help us set aside time to do something we enjoy. You can think I am crazy, but my plants and I really bond. I love nurturing them and watching them grow. Each time a new bud pops up a little firework goes off inside me.

  8. Authenticity is your most important feature. As my Instagram grew little by little, there were moments when I doubted myself or thought I don’t look the part. Many of you kept me in line and reminded me - that I am me and that is the most important thing.


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