Insta Questions: You Asked I Answered #Pregnant

Last week I opened my Instagram up to questions like most of us do and instead of answering you right then and there on the spot, I wanted to take time and give you something more thoughtful. So, each week when I open my Insta up for questions I’ll answer there and here for anyone who wants to do a deeper dive. Last week’s focus was on pregnancy and here are the 10 questions you asked!

What’s your due date and when do you find out the gender?

I’m due May 12 which is Mother’s Day. It’s kind of funny because on Mother’s Day I will be literally becoming a Mother as I attempt to push this baby out. As for the gender, a girl’s gotta have some secrets so maybe I’ll tell you maybe I won’t!

How long were Dr. Bae and I married before we started trying to conceive?

If you asked him we were married for 1 year before we started trying and if you ask me I gave him 9 months of marriage and then got my IUD out. I wanted to try right away but my husband who is the more patient one said it was best if we wait. In the end, he was right because I think now we are truly ready.

One follower said she’d love to hear more about my journey, like did I have PCOS or have a hard time ovulating.

I lived at the fertility clinic and they never found one single problem like fibroids or PCOS. As for ovulation, I really learned about my vagina and uterus and all those other parts from trying to have a baby. I didn’t really even know what ovulation was until the doctor explained the complexities of cervical mucus. Now, I’m a pro. I can look at cervical mucus and tell you exactly what stage of my cycle I am in.

Someone wanted to know more about how I almost got IVF.

That journey can be read about in my blog here.

Was it a surprise when you found out you were pregnant or could you feel it in your body?

I know someone women who just say they are so in sync with their bodies they can feel when they are pregnant. I don’t think I am one of those women. I have like zero patience and I think in order to like truly feel what is happening with your body you need to focus and take time to understand. I was surprised to find out I was pregnant only because we had tried for so long. You can read exactly how I found out here.

What’s your favorite part about being pregnant?

To be honest, I am terrified. I’m superstitious and don’t want to get too excited for fear something goes wrong. I think I’ll be more excited once this baby pops out and stops making me feel like shit most of the time.

How did you feel when you found out and what were your thoughts?

I was shocked and excited at the same time. I always thought I’d just start crying but I didn’t. We just called my mom right away and she did the crying!

Was it a surprise pregnancy or were you doing treatments?

Yes, this was a surprise pregnancy. We were on the cusp of starting IVF when it happening o’natural. However, before this, we had tried IUI’s four times and it didn’t work.


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