The Greatest Gift My Husband Gave Me: Confidence

There’s always sappy love stuff people tell you before you get married about how you and your husband will learn and grow together and eventually become one. It obviously happens overtime but what I’ve learned from my husband I never thought I’d learn or even feel in a million years: confidence.

Yes, my husband taught me how to walk like a boss, talk like a boss and be a boss but most of all he taught me to be happy with myself.

It was one of those realizations that slaps you across the face and you’re like “oh sh*t this is it!”

It recently dawned on me that this is the best gift he has ever given me (well, besides the six kids I was promised… I’m still waiting bae). I can proudly say I’ve never felt more comfortable or more alive in my own body than in the last two years since we’ve been married.

How did he give me this gift? He helped me achieve this just by being his normal, full of confidence, self - like literally, it’s coming out of his pores and in every step he takes!

It’s moments like when we’re on vacation and he’s never surfed and just goes I’m going to try and the next thing I know my husband is on a surfboard in the middle of the ocean.

Or it’s everyday things like when I try on 400 outfits just to grab brunch and he says “the only people we have to impress are ourselves.”

No matter if he’s wearing his scrubs or dressed up in his best suit, my husband always thinks highly of himself and no he isn’t conceited it’s confidence. So, after living together for awhile I automatically embodied this mindset, which is why I act like a queen most of the time and just love myself to the bone!

It’s all about having a mindset of this is who I am and I’m damn proud of it. This is what I look like, I’m beautiful for who I am, and that’s all that matters. It’s also always why you see me posting Instagram stories with bushy eyebrows one minute and no eyebrows the next - because I’ve learned to love myself in any and all situations.

Then there are those days, usually around my period, when I’m fat and bloated and feel like crap. The last time this happened I was almost in tears in my kitchen because I felt ugly and overall super emotional. Ilya took my camera, started to video tape me, and said “seriously, look at you, you’re gorgeous.” That was all it took for him to shock me back into reality.

Another reason I thank him is his constant reassurance. When you’re married, you and your partner become a team and he’s always reminding me of this.

Maybe I’m just comfortable knowing I always have his shoulder to lean on. I think that’s probably the main reason for this shift of self esteem boost. Whatever the actual reason may be, I know it’s he who has inspired me to be me and I’m thankful everyday.

Even if you don’t have a tall, dark and handsome stud of a husband to help you embody your own personal fabulous-ness make sure to look yourself in the mirror everyday and say that you are amazing forever and always.


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