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3 Instagram Accounts to Help You Get Organized

February 18, 2018

Because it’s never late to to get your sh*t together girlfriend.


In the more recent years of my life, since my husband and I moved to New York I’m always attempting ways to hack small spaces. Let’s just say the luxury of growing up in Suburbia with room for everything and then some is a hard habit to drop.


Naturally, I’m a bit of a balagon (Hebrew for mess). My husband likes to say he follows me around and cleans up after me - which is weird because my Mom used to say the same thing!


So this year, after I realized Instagram has the answers to all life questions - I made a conscious effort to get my sh*t together and clean house.


Here are my top Instagram accounts to follow if your makeup is always all over the place, you forget which spices you have and your clothes don’t seem to fit in your closet (and it’s not because you have a shopping addiction).


1. Life in Jeneral (@lifeinjeneral)


The girls behind this Instagram account are my queens. Their story is constantly filled with gorgeous Californian homes being cleared out. It’s honestly amazing to see how they take everything in an entire house, bring it all outsides, sort and work their magic. This is a truly inspiring account and their stories can really teach a girl how to organize.




2.  Organized Simplicity (@organized_simplicity)


This by far is the most encouraging account when you want to start organizing a little at a time. Nialya Suarez, the founder keeps the page vibrant and colorful and even has her saved stories categorized so when you have a few free minutes - clean out your bathroom - with her simple steps.




3. Jamie Hord of Horderlynyc (@horderlynyc)


Bringing close to home with this one, @Horderlynyc is an NYC Instagram account which really assists you in figuring out the small spaces. The feed is filled with closet and kitchen hacks that help you pack the most into those tinny tiny spaces because a girl can never go wrong trying to fit the most pairs of shoes as possible into her closet!




If you know an Insta account that thrives on organization let me know. One, I’d love to follow them and two, they need to be mentioned here.







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