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Workouts For People Who Hate Working Out

UGH. The thought of working out makes me cringe. It’s honestly so much effort and to see the slightest change takes ages. I don’t want to admit it, but honestly I’d rather starve then go to the gym. However, that’s not acceptable so I suck it up and shivitz it out- sometimes.


If I’m motivated enough to go to the gym I try to do a minimum of 30 minutes and attempt to shivtz as much as possible in the littlest amount of time. My biggest problem is I get bored so easily which means sticking to any sort of routine is next to impossible.




This is why I stick to quick, extra sweaty workouts that change up the routine every minute or so. Also, let me remind you, I’m not a fit girl, I’m a size 8 on a good day and a 10 most days. I workout because I care about my heart and my booty a little. I’m a big proponent that working out stimulates your mind and raises your endorphins making you all around happier which is worth the pain in my book. 


So, if you only sometimes wanna shvitz, I recommend these 2 super duper quick workout platforms:


1. Class FitSugar by PopSugar


The goddess of at home, lazy betch working out. When these popped up on my Facebook newsfeed I was like “DAAAMN Facebook algorithm you know me too well!”  The workouts on Class FitSugar by Popsugar are around 30 minutes and there’s so many you could do a new one everyday. Better yet, they have tons of 5 minute workouts for your abs and ass in case 30 minutes is too long for ya (I know sometimes it is for me).


Check 'em out here and get your shvitz on girlfriend!


2. Sworkit


Sworkit is the perfect workout app. I don’t think anything compares. Sworkit let’s you choose what muscle you want to tone and how long. You can workout your abs for 1 minute then switch and do yoga for 3. I turn to Sworkit on those days when I’m like F-this and really just want to eat pizza. I’ll turn the app on, turn the Real Housewives on and do random bits of abs, legs and arms for short intervals - it’s something and something is better than nothing!


Download the app here! 






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