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Let's Talk About The Pink Tax



Girl, if you are in the know then you might want to skip this post and go figure out how to make your next wax, pluck, or blow out cheaper. However, if you're not click play below.



In the hopes of Spring and endless bottles of Rosé right around the corner I stopped by European Wax Center this week to do a little house cleaning. To my surprise, the girls at the front counter had pink brows and I was like WOAH, am I missing out on a trend? Sadly, I wish I was because the reason these ladies had pink brows is due to the fact women pay The Pink Tax. Yes, for those who aren't familiar, women pay 13% more for personal care otherwise known as The Pink Tax.


Let's just say I was in total shock but happy EWC was giving 13% off to help make this horrid situation right.


The Pink Tax isn't the only thing affecting our wallets either ladies, according to a USA Today article, we pay 8% more for clothes than men do. More than this, our little home girls are also being affected. Girls accessories and toys cost 7% more than boys'.


To say the least, I’m in a state of shock or puzzle. I always knew the grooming of myself was more so then my husbands but I didn’t realize how much more.


How do you think we can tackle The Pink Tax? Do you think it’s right? Do you think our haircuts are more labor intensive so they should cost more? Share you thoughts with me! Personally, I would die without my waxes and my makeup and I think I should be paying a fair price! 



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