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How to Honeymoon in Thailand

 Alright my fabulous couples, soon-to-be husband and wife, and all other paired off peeps - Thailand over the last several years has become a sought-after place for romantic beach getaways, an affordable honeymoon destination, or the perfect mix of beach chillin’ and adventure.


Almost a year has passed since bae and I went on our honeymoon in Thailand and, because I’m an OCD planner, my entire trip (or at least 95% of it) is in a google doc which I’ve shared with multiple couples who were planning their Thailand adventure.


Now, throughout our entire relationship Ilya and I have always faced obstacles we’ve had to overcome, and our honeymoon, of course, was added to this list. We were married in June of 2016 and five days later Ilya started residency in NYC, so we didn’t actually take our honeymoon until April of 2017.


If you’re familiar with a medical residency then you know it’s super tough, and on top of that, we were a new couple and totally broke. Moving to NYC is EXPENSIVE, which is why when we saved up enough to go on a honeymoon, we chose Thailand.


Below, I’ve outlined briefly where we went and why we chose to go. You can click here for my Google doc of exactly what we did for our 13 days in Thailand or view a rough itinerary here. At the end of this blog post I’ve also included my favorite Thailand vacation resources.


So, Why Did We Choose Thailand?

When bae goes on vacation he likes to plant himself on a lounge chair with a drink in hand and not move for a week. I, on the other hand, specifically travel to visit new countries, have epic, instagramable experiences, and see the world. Thailand offered us a little bit of both, a warm climate with tons of sandy coastlines and islands, as well as a new adventure around every corner. Plus, the biggest bonus, Thailand is mad cheap for those of you who want a great trip for less.


How to Choose Where to Go in Thailand in a Short-Time

Wow, everyone I know goes to Thailand for months on end, but doing that wasn’t a reality for us. We had only 2 weeks to pack as much of Thailand in as possible. Is it possible to do Thailand in two weeks? Hell yes, but you need to research exactly what you want to do because you definitely won’t be able to do it all. We went with seeing Bangkok then going South to the islands and beaches. If you’re more of a hiker and prefer adventure I would go north and visit the elephant villages!


Where Did We Choose To Go?


Stop 1: Bangkok

Since we initially flew into Bangkok we choose to stay there for the first 2 evenings and get over out jet lag. Ilya really wanted to see Bangkok but in my opinion, if you’re from a big city, you can skip this. Bangkok is disgusting. It’s overcrowded, and polluted. It’s mainly twenty-something Aussie’s getting wasted. BUT, a tuk tuk ride around the city is totally worth it and Ilya got a custom-made suit for $100 which is actually really nice. You should also spend a few hours in Chatuchak Market where you can buy cheap clothes, eat local food, and did I say buy cheap clothes? (I’m currently writing this blog in a jumpsuit I got from there!) Lastly, we also had to stay in Bangkok a second time at the end of our trip since our flight home was out of there as well. I chose fabulous hotels for under $80 bucks a night and those all turned out to be worth a lot more.



My two favorite hotels in Bangkok are Casa Nithra and Shaghai Mansion.


Stop 2: Aonang, Krabi

The second portion of our trip was our most memorable. We choose to take a short flight to the Krabi coast where we stayed on Aonang Beach at Aonang Cliff Beach Resort. Aonang is a small little beach town filled with shops, restaurants, massage parlors, and resorts. This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip because the hotel was incredible. We had a suite, for $55 dollars a night with a jacuzzi bath on the balcony. Breakfast here is included and is served in an outdoor restaurant built into the jungle. For the most part of our 5 days in Aonang, we tanned at the pool, drank cocktails, and went on a few day-trips like 4-wheeling in the jungle, long-tail boat tours, and bike rides.


 My favorite hotel in Aonang is Aonang Beach Cliff Resort.


Stop 3: Koh Phi Phi

From the many people I spoke to and all the blogs I read about Thailand, Koh Phi Phi seems incredible. Once you get to this island you’re surrounded by blue water and gorgeous cliffs. However, we spent way too many days here. The perfect amount of days on Koh Phi Phi is around 2-3, otherwise, you run out of things to do. In my opinion, you can only sit by the pool so long. Having said that: in Koh Phi Phi we rented kayaks several times and ventured to Monkey Beach (where I became a little too good of friends with the little fellows who later stole my water bottle), Ilya loved the Muy Thai boxing, and I thoroughly enjoyed the day trips we took to the surrounding islands.

 Stop 4: Back to Aonang Cost for a Night

Because you can’t go from Koh Phi Phi directly to Bangkok, we stayed in another great resort in Krabi Province for an evening. At this point in time, as we keep semi-kosher, we were so sick of eating vegetarian pad thai we were thankful to all of the Indian food available. Really strange, but I think there’s more Indian food in Aonang than there is Thai. I honestly had the best Indian food in my entire life in Thailand.


Stop 5: Final Leg of the Trip in Bangkok

As I mentioned in the beginning, we flew in and out of Thailand through Bangkok so we spent the last night of our honeymoon at the Shanghai Mansion. To this day it’s one of the most incredible hotels I’ve ever stayed at.


This is blog is just a tincy tiny insight into the beautiful country of Thailand. I recommend checking out the blogs below for more in-depth trip research!

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